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Let us transport you on the most exotic and elegant experience available.

Often said to be "the highlight of many a visitors stay on Samui," are our private long-tail boat tours of the Five Islands.

The islands are known locally as the “Four Islands-Five Islands” as one island is hidden behind another when viewed from the shore. These islands are protected by Sea Gypsy guards, who deal harshly with anyone trying to sneak in under cover of darkness. Such visitors are not tourists desperate for an adrenaline rush, but poachers who are out to thieve the bird’s nests that are found within the caves and craggy rocks.

The bird’s nests are the principle ingredient of Chinese bird’s-nest soup. At great risk, agile gathers clamber up a web of bamboo poles to reach nests for which Hong Kong restaurants will pay up to $4000 a kilo. Few outsiders have ever set foot on the islands. However it is now possible, thanks to the commitment and trust of Colin Burgess and his team at The Five Islands Restaurant. You will see caves; beaches and bamboo dwellings perched precariously on limestone cliffs and pinnacles. During the tour you can enjoy chilled drinks, swim, snorkel and fed the tropical fish.

The tour will evoke a sense of awe and beauty to take with you on your voyage back to a delicious lunch or sunset dinner at The Five Islands Restaurant. After a refreshing shower you will be served cocktails on the beach before your meal.

There are two private boat tours – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – please review the details below before making a booking.

Koh Samui Tour – Morning Long-tail Boat Tour

Koh Samui Tour – Afternoon Long-tail Boat Tour

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